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Tina Hughes

Tina is our Licensed Closing Coordinator. She has been Licensed as a Realtor for 21 years, and as a Licensed Title Agent for 9 years, specializing in creating and correcting Closing Statements. So after coordinating over 5,000 transactions, she has seen just about every unique challenge. She usually finds a solution to save the day. We know and appreciate Tina’s skills because she helped to develop our skills from the very beginning. Tina was the Office Manager and Closing Coordinator for the former company we all worked for from 2000 to 2010, and then joined their Title company creating Closing Statements for every transaction. Tina came to Tree City in January of 2019. She has been a Notary and Member of many organizations along the way, including the MLS FORMS Committee that worked to create the Offer To Purchase Form that we enjoy so much today. Tina has 2 children, three grandchildren, and was married for 35 years. So most people in Real Estate know Tina as Tina McDowell. She is a “bit” of a workaholic and tool freak, so you often find her starting large surprising projects, or just demolishing and fixing something around the house. At Tree City Realty, Tina Coordinates Closings for all our Agents from the time of offer acceptance, up to the Closing Celebration (except Inspections/Repairs). This allows our Agents to focus on getting the best possible price and terms for our Clients, and not get bogged down in paperwork. Tina works directly with our Clients to meet their specific needs, and always welcomes questions, so our Clients have no worries, and the least amount of stress during their change in life and location. She is available to our people after hours, and has been known to take calls on Holidays, and while in line for a Roller Coaster on vacation because she truly cares about the details of our Client’s Transactions. She has also worked with every Title Company, and almost every Lender, Realtor,Surveyor, & Attorney in and surrounding Allen County. So when you choose TreeCity Realty, you get a Team with a vast Network of relationships, and years offirst-hand Knowledge and Experience. We hope you get to meet Tina soon!

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